Citrix NetScaler SDX Broadens SDN Ecosystem

Citrix (CTXS) announced its strategy for the next generation of NetScaler SDX, the consolidated service delivery networking platform for software defined networks (SDN).

John Rath

October 4, 2012

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Citrix (CTXS) announced its strategy for the next generation of NetScaler SDX, the consolidated service delivery networking platform for software defined networks (SDN). Introduced last year, the NetScaler SDX hardware appliance can run up to 40 independent NetScaler application delivery controller instances.

Broad Ecosystem of Cloud Networking Partners

Citrix is now opening up the NetScaler SDX platform to support network services from third-party vendor. Customers will now be able to unify a wide range of best-in-class L4-7 network services in a seamless application control layer to drive application intelligence into existing transport networks and emerging SDN technologies. Additionally, the ability will exist to apply app-driven policies across the entire network, while consolidating the delivery and automating the deployment of network services. Extensive partner support from companies like RSA, Splunk, Trend Micro and Aruba Networks proves the value of this addition to the industry.

The next generation NetScaler SDX platform will deliver application-driven control over the whole network  by creating a unified application control layer composed of best-in-class L4-L7 network services, and using the control layer to make in-place L2-3 infrastructure and emerging SDN controllers more application-aware.  An application-centric approach can be used for a prescriptive, automated deployment of network services in defining networking policy and topology and automating network configuration. It offers a consolidated delivery and orchestration of best-in-class network services onto an open, programmable platform that is integrated with leading cloud orchestration platforms.

"A full-fledged enterprise cloud infrastructure is only as good as the underlying network," said Rohit Mehra, Director, Enterprise Communication Infrastructure at IDC. "The transition of enterprise IT to the cloud-era has put the network on center stage, driving a new paradigm of software-defined networking to bring in programmability and flexibility. The new network must be prescriptive and app-driven, with built-in automation imparting true application intelligence and control to L2-3 infrastructures via SDN architectures. Network services and applications should be dynamically provisioned, freeing admins from complex, error-prone, per application provisioning of individual network services and functions."

Citrix and Palo Alto Networks Partner

Palo Alto Networks (PANW)  announced a multi-phase partnership with Citrix that brings together leading network security and application delivery capabilities. The two companies will deliver jointly validated solutions designed to simplify how enterprises accelerate application delivery on next-generation networks. Additionally, the two hope to align product development plans and collaborate across technical teams, consulting organizations and partner communities. For its contribution to the partnership and NetScaler SDX integration Palo Alto Networks brings next-generation firewall technology that gives organizations the ability to identify, control, and safely enable applications while at the same time inspecting all content for all threats in real time.

"Palo Alto Networks and Citrix have already established strong, but independent, positions in leading cloud-first network solutions," said Sunil Potti, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Networking Platforms Group at Citrix. "Our alliance will provide customers with the freedom to leverage the leading advanced delivery controller and firewall solutions without compromising on integration, simplification and consolidation."

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