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Avant Building AI-Focused Data Center in Milwaukee

The company is looking to meet growing demand from companies to build and deploy AI.

This article originally appeared in AI Business

Avant Technologies is building a micro data center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as it looks to capitalize on the demand for AI infrastructure.

Avant is building a micro data center private companies can use to power AI training via the cloud.

The site in Milwaukee is expected to be operational in the first half of 2025.

Avant CEO Timothy Lantz said there is a “growing demand for new data center capacity” and that demand for its infrastructure is “coming from both the on-premises and colocation segments of the private cloud sector.”

Avant said it chose Milwaukee because the city was becoming a growing target for tech investments.

Microsoft is building a data center in Mount Pleasant in Racine County, 30 miles south of Milwaukee. The $1 billion project spans 315 acres. Google also expanded its presence in the nearby city of Madison back in 2019, launching an office dedicated to data center optimization.

According to its website, Las Vegas-based Avant wants to develop the US’ “first supercomputing network for AI.”

Avant’s plans for a supercomputing network would aim to meet the growing demand from enterprises looking to build and deploy AI.

Alongside infrastructure offerings, Avant has built Avant! AI, an AI system designed to help enterprise workflows by analyzing business data. Users can ask system questions about their data, and Avant! AI is equipped to respond to these queries.

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