10 Steps to Holistic Data Center Design

Is your data center growing? Is it time to move or expand? Here are 10 steps to creating a holistic data center design.

Bill Kleyman

March 25, 2014

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10 Steps to Holistic Data Center Design

Whether it’s the cloud, big data, or web content delivery, the data center plays a critical role for any organization. So it’s no wonder that there has been such a boom in data center demand and growth.

Faced with increased demand, how do you determine when it’s the right time to move from data center to cloud or other model? Most of all, do you know how to make the move? Administrators and IT directors must always look at their data center model to understand current as well as future demands. Whether it’s time to grow, move or build something new: are you ready to design your next-generation data center?

Designing a data center can be a daunting and complicated process. There are many considerations and decisions that ultimately impact the cost to build, operate and scale the data center. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good process to follow. In this white paper from Belden, we examine the key 10 steps in creating a truly holistic data center design.

In the past, IT departments provided an estimate of the equipment and power needs required for their various systems. Many of these estimates were either inaccurate speculations based on current needs with no forethought given to the IT roadmap and business growth, or they were overinflated based on worst case scenarios. Facilities then used these estimates to either build exactly what was requested or to once again overinflate the design in attempts to protect themselves. This outdated process resulted in large inefficient data centers that were costly to operate and virtually impossible to upgrade.

Fast forward to today. Now, we have truly agile systems capable of direct global distribution. But you have to get there first. Download this white paper today to learn about the 10 steps to a holistic data center design. In creating your next-generation data center design, these steps can save you a lot of time:

  • Step 1: Including All Players

  • Step 2: Setting Ground Rules

  • Step 3: Determining Availability & Redundancy

  • Step 4: Gathering Requirements

  • Step 5: Balancing CAPEX and OPEX

  • Step 6: Selecting the Right Equipment

  • Step 7: Designing Equipment Areas

  • Step 8: Designing the Overall Space

  • Step 9: Constructing and Commissioning

  • Step 10: Ongoing Post-Construction Review

Remember, successful holistic data center design requires that administrators and managers essentially take into account all business requirements, technology innovations, and energy and operational savings, while identifying and eliminating any ineffective decisions and operational waste. By creating a good though methodology behind your holistic data center design – your platform will be able to better support organizational needs both today, and in the future.

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