Leveraging Cloud And Colocation To Avoid Downtime

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Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour

IT teams in organizations of all sizes are under increasing pressure to avoid unplanned downtime and maintain high availability. Growing app reliance in every business sector, near 24-x-7 data demands and new technologies (IoT, AI, etc.) all require consistency when it comes to data center performance. Add to that unprecedented costs due to outages and cyber-security threats and the need for high levels of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) are clear.

Fortunately, IT leaders and executives can choose from a broad array of BC/DR options to safeguard data and meet challenging business requirements. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the advantages and limitations of the three primary BC/DR models:

• Classic model: Data center-based and hardware-centric, this approach relies on geographically diverse locations and periodic data replications.

• Virtual model: Relying on increasingly virtualized server environments, this model leverages cloud-based backups from either on-premises or colocation sites.

• Hybrid model: Combining features of both the Classic and Virtual models, this approach takes advantage of cloud flexibility and on-site redundancy to ensure optimal BC/DR control.

We’ll look at these three approaches in-depth to determine which BC/DR model optimally suits your data center, and whether the cost of what you wish for matches the reality of your budget. We’ll also address key aspects relevant to each model, such as dual colocation methods for on-premises DR, advantages of a private, dedicated connection for virtualized environments and the ability to “right fit” applications using the hybrid BC/DR model.

It stands to reason that it’s critical to think ahead and start planning now for the future, especially as new innovations are constantly being adopted. We’ll discuss the importance of making the right BC/DR choice in the present for capitalizing on future potential. For example, this might include evolving from a Classic model to leveraging a virtualized solution for faster DR.

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Kerry Doyle is an analyst and writer who has covered business and technology issues for over a decade, first as a technician at the fabled PCWeek Labs and a reporter for PCWeek magazine, then as senior editor at ZDNet.com. He has contributed articles and content to organizations as diverse as IDG/ComputerWorld, GigaOm Research, Monitor Group, Harvard Business School, and Global Knowledge. He provides cogent analyses of the newest trends in technology, from nanotech to the cloud, with a focus on issues relevant to leaders in field service.

Brian Eichman is the Cloud Ecosystem Manager, he is responsible for building communities of strategic cloud, network and supporting service providers needed to enable high-performance hybrid-IT solutions. He brings 15 years of experience ranging from product to engineering and IT system management. As a business-minded IT professional, he applies technical thought leadership and product knowledge to ensure CoreSite’s customers are positioned for success in leveraging our colocation and interconnection solutions.