AI Quiz 2024: Test Your AI Knowledge

This quiz explores important AI concepts and terminology that every IT professional should know.

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April 2, 2024

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A digital human brain and an AI chip between which rays of information and binary code numbers move on a black background

How well do you know the critical concepts and terminology of artificial intelligence? 

Inside this AI quiz, you’ll find 20 multiple-choice questions designed to assess your knowledge. Carefully read each question and choose the option you believe is the correct answer. Once you’ve answered all the questions, click the "Submit" button.

After submitting your responses, you’ll receive feedback on each question along with an overall score. Compare your score with the six tiers listed below to determine your knowledge rank:

  • 0 Correct: 8-Bit Apprentice

  • 1-5 Correct: Chatbot Conjurer 

  • 6-10 Correct: Algorithmic Alchemist

  • 11-15 Correct: Deep Learning Dynamo

  • 16-19 Correct: Neural Network Navigator

  • All 20 Questions Correct: AI Arch Mage

chart shows the six AI quiz score rankings

Quiz participants ranked within the top three tiers are eligible to download a quiz badge below (please adhere to the honor system).

If you’re new to the field of AI, we suggest checking out our Quick Reference Guide for Understanding AI.

Ready to begin?

The AI quiz typically takes about 15 minutes to complete. Your quiz responses are confidential, and we do not share individual results.

Should you miss any questions, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with correct answers and recommended learning resources. Come back after studying to improve your score. 

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Digital Quiz Badges

#3. Deep Learning Dynamo (11-15 Correct Answers)

Certified Deep Learning Dynamo badge

#2. Neural Network Navigator (16-19 Correct Answers)

Certified Neural Network Navigator badge

#1. AI Arch Mage (20 Correct Answers)

Certified AI Arch Mage badge

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