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Data Center Build vs Buy

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September 4, 2013
2:00 - 3:00 PM EST


The live event for this webinar has already occurred.

Build vs Buy is an age-old question for many industries. In some cases the decision is driven by hard number-crunching business analytics, it is driven by human emotion in other cases.

On one hand, decisions made in the design and build stages will not only affect the total CapEx of the data center, but will forever impact its energy efficiency and long term operating costs, as well as limiting the functional life of the data center. On the other hand, today’s market offers a wide array of facility providers to lease and operate fully managed sites, which solution is best for you?

While there are a multitude of factors to be considered, in the end you will have to ask if building, owning and operating your own data center is a strategic advantage to your business, or just a burden on internal resources and capital.

What you'll learn:
• Site Selection and Risk Factors
• Important Factors to Consider
• Choices When Considering a “Buy” Option
• Factors Impacting the Total Cost of Ownership

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Julius Neudorfer