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Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: May 2017
Inside a former CenturyLink data center, now owned by Cyxtera (Photo: CenturyLink)

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: May 2017

Here are the 10 most popular articles that appeared on Data Center Knowledge in May

Here are the 10 most popular articles that appeared on Data Center Knowledge in May:

Oracle Closes Big Cloud Deal With AT&T, Inks Equinix Partnership - AT&T is planning to move “thousands” of Oracle databases running currently in the telco’s own data centers onto Oracle’s cloud platform in a deal that includes both Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service.

The Fat New Pipes that Link Facebook Data Centers - The amount of traffic traveling between Facebook data centers today is many times bigger than the amount of traffic that travels between its infrastructure and the internet, where its 2 billion monthly active users access the social network.

Cyxtera Puts a Fresh Spin on CenturyLink’s Former Data Center Empire - The new company former Terremark CEO Manuel Medina is building on the former CenturyLink platform, differentiating with a very specific focus: cybersecurity.

Inside a former CenturyLink data center, now owned by Cyxtera (Photo: CenturyLink)

Massive, Six-Story Data Center in a Norwegian Mine Comes Online - Situated within a deep fjord—much like the neighboring Green Mountain facility at Stavanger—the servers will be cooled using seawater cooling systems. The saltwater brought from the depths of the fjord is 45 degrees and cools less corrosive fresh water.

Inside the Lefdal mine data center in Norway, rendering (Image: Lefdal)

Furious Land War Erupts Outside CME Data Center - It’s the latest, and perhaps boldest, salvo in an escalating war that’s being waged to stay competitive in the high-speed trading business. The war is one of proximity — to see who can get data in and out of CME the quickest.

The Aurora I data center in Aurora, Illinois, CyrusOne acquired from CME Group in April 2016. CME is a tenant at the facility, hosting the CME Globex trading platform there. (Photo: CyrusOne)

Facebook’s Data Center Powerhouse Spawns another Startup - Facebook's data center team attracts some of the brightest minds in the space, who often see business opportunities of their own and eventually leave to pursue them.

LinkedIn’s Data Center Standard Aims to Do What OCP Hasn’t - While fomenting a full-blown revolt against the largest American hardware vendors’ once-outsize influence on the hyper-scale data center market, by many accounts Facebook’s Open Compute Project has yet to make a meaningful impact in smaller facilities that house the majority of the world’s IT infrastructure.

Open19 server chassis (Photo: Open19)

Switch Plans Gigantic Atlanta Data Center Campus - The future data center in Atlanta will be to Switch’s Grand Rapids, Michigan, site what its Las Vegas campus is to the one in Reno, Nevada, meaning it will be one of two East Coast locations that are far enough from each other to enable a resilient, redundant application topology across two geographically separated sites for its customers.

DCK Investor Edge: CyrusOne — Catch Me If You Can - The inability for hyperscale cloud providers to forecast their own customer growth is at odds with their need to seamlessly provide them with unlimited servers “on-demand.” This has created a new playing field for resourceful landlords: The opportunity to co-create wholesale data center solutions to meet increasingly tight schedules that can deliver on contractual service level agreements, or SLAs.

CyrusOne's Houston West data center (Image: CyrusOne)

Verizon to Sell Cloud and Managed Hosting Business to IBM - The telco began pulling back from being a cloud service provider last year, when it shut down its public cloud but held on to its virtual private cloud business. Verizon and other telcos (such as CenturyLink and AT&T) have been divesting costly infrastructure assets that support their enterprise IT services, switching to less capital-intensive models for some services and pulling out completely from others, namely public cloud.

Inside a Verizon data center. (Photo: Verizon)

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