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Inside the Facebook Data Center in Sweden (Video)
Rows of cabinets inside Facebook’s Lulea data center. (Photo: Facebook)

Inside the Facebook Data Center in Sweden (Video)

Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance tours Facebook’s huge Luleå facility

Few companies design and build data centers at Facebook’s scale, and the social network’s three-year-old computing facility in Luleå, Sweden, is one of the biggest in the world. As Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance put it in the video below, you need a bicycle and a picnic lunch to tour the site.

The video, where Vance visits the Facebook data center in Sweden, accompanied by Joel Kjellgren, who has managed the site since its launch in 2013, is part of a series Bloomberg recently produced on the country’s booming tech sector, which has created hits like Spotify (one of the videos features an interview with the music streaming service’s founder Daniel Ek), SoundCloud, and King (makers of Candy Crush).

Check out the video below, as well as the vast DCK archive of Facebook data center coverage, including the Luleå site.

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