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Data Center 2.0 – The Emerging Trend in Colocation
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Data Center 2.0 – The Emerging Trend in Colocation

In the past decade, companies in many industries have discovered the benefits of colocation. A purpose-built data center provides a safe and stable physical environment for a company’s critical computing systems, with sufficient power, cooling, and connectivity to guarantee server uptime and availability. Multiple security layers at the facility ensure the safety of confidential information stored on the client’s servers. Also, with ever-increasing costs of land, construction, power, and labor, it has become more cost-effective for companies to house their mission-critical infrastructure in a facility owned and operated by a colocation provider than to build their own data centers.

However, despite these benefits, the service can vary by provider. Historically, not all colocation providers have offered the same level of customer service, but there's a new trend known as "Data Center 2.0" to improve it. Download this white paper to read more about the Data Center 2.0 and six key principles of it you need to know.

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