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Cologix Integrates Modius DCIM, Canara's Battery Monitoring and CRM Into Single Management System

The integrated system gives deep management controls across the platform and includes ticketing and update capabilities for customers.

Data center colocation services provider Cologix has launched Cologix Command, a measurement and monitoring solution integrated with its customer relations management (CRM) platform. It combines the CRM with a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool by San Francisco-based Modius and a battery monitoring solution by Canara, based in San Rafael, California.

The setup is designed to benefits both the Cologix team and customers. The team gets platform-wide data and insights needed to confidently manage each data center. The platform interfaces with customers through an integrated ticketing system, advanced maintenance notifications and event management capabilities.

A centralized dashboard shows real-time, historical and predictive data across the data center platform. Displayed is the operation of uninterruptible power supply systems, backup generators, cooling systems, batteries, environmental controls and other critical data center equipment.

Data collection from the data centers is done by Modius’ Open Data platform. Canara's solution not only monitors data center backup power systems. but also provides some predictive analytics tools to forecast and prevent upcoming UPS battery failure.

Cologix did not say which CRM solution it uses, but did say that the solution was cloud-based.

“There are thousands of measured and calculated data points within a data center which, without DCIM, are nearly impossible to effectively analyze," said Val Milshtein, vice president of technology, Cologix. "We now have the ability to gain insight at a high-level or granular basis to the state and performance of every piece of equipment supporting a customer service with a few mouse clicks.”

Cologix now operates network-neutral data centers in Ohio, Texas, Florida and Minnesota, as well as in three major Canadian markets: Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. It recently acquired Colo5, greatly expanding its footprint in Florida and DataCenter.BZ, expanding into Columbus, Ohio.

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