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Datapipe Offers to Take On the Risk of Running on AWS

Adds Direct Connect options in Singapore and London, enhances cloud infrastructure analytics services

Continuing to build out its portfolio of services around Amazon's cloud infrastructure offerings, New Jersey-based hosting company Datapipe has designed a service that essentially enables it to transfer the risk associated with using the public cloud from the customer to itself.

The provider's new contracting and liability arrangements mitigate risk associated with growing a customer's deployment on Amazon Web Services. The idea is to let the customer rely on San Jose-based Datapipe's expertise in security on AWS.

Security remains a major concern for enterprises whose IT leaders consider using public cloud services. Taking some of the Amazon cloud security risk off the customers' shoulders may help Datapipe attract more enterprise clients.

Datapipe has also expanded the amount of locations where its data center customers can plug into Amazon's cloud privately, circumventing the public Internet. It has added what Amazon calls "Direct Connect" option in its Seattle and London data centers, which join Singapore, San Jose and Ashburn, Virginia, sites.

The company also has data centers in New Jersey, Iceland, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Datapipe specializes in building integrated infrastructure solutions for enterprise clients that can consist of hosted private cloud, hybrid cloud, managed public cloud, traditional hosting and any number of the slew of managed services it offers.

The most recent portfolio addition was the AWS Cloud Analytics service. It has recently expanded those analytics capabilities, adding the ability to identify Key Performance Indicators and action plans customers can use to quickly optimize cost-utilization and governance in the AWS cloud.

“The rapid growth in cloud adoption is changing how IT organizations optimize their internal and external resources,” said Robb Allen, CEO of Datapipe. “By expanding our managed cloud solutions for AWS, we are addressing the key barriers to public cloud adoption and enhancing the value of AWS for our enterprise clients.”

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