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5 Great Reasons to Use Colored PDUs
Raritan power distribution units installed in a data center

5 Great Reasons to Use Colored PDUs

Here's a great way to improve uptime and organization: Use colored PDUs

Let’s start this conversation with two very important points:

  • More than 90% of the data center operators responding to a recent survey reported that their data center had at least one unplanned outage in the past two years (Ponemon Institute).
  • The overwhelming majority of outages were attributed to human error.

The difference between the frequencies of outages for survey respondents reinforces the importance of a comprehensive management and operations program to ensure continuous data center availability. This eBook from Raritan describes where colored rack PDUs can directly help.

Your data center will continue to be a critical piece of your business environment. As reliance around your IT platform grows – it will be important for you to find ways to maximize uptime and reduce outages due to human error. One of the best ways to control your physical data center platform is to optimally organize everything that makes the entire environment run.

Download this eBook today to learn exactly how colored rack PDUs simplify the management process and increase uptime. There are a number of reasons administrators look at new types of rack PDUs for help. As the eBook outlines, 5 of these great reasons include:

  • Easily identify redundant power feeds to IT equipment
  • Make it easier technicians working in your IT rack
  • Clearly identify your data center power chain
  • Identify different voltages in your data center
  • Reduce lighting requirements in your data center

Little things can cause a server to go offline – like accidentally unplugging a power cord. Good rack PDU technologies, like those from Raritan, offer SecureLock (colored locking plug cords) to prevent cords from accidentally being disconnected from rack PDUs. By reducing the chances of human error within your data center, you’re capable of keeping a healthier running environment with better uptime. Furthermore, good PDU design allows administrators to better track physical data center resources.

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