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Lance Crosby, CEO, IBM SoftLayer
IBM SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby with some of the servers powering the SoftLayer cloud. (Photo: IBM)

OnApp Cloud Platform Available on IBM SoftLayer Infrastructure

OnApp has steadily been building a force of cloud providers leveraging its cloud platform. OnApp is now available on IBM's SoftLayer infrastructure and is also available in the newly launched IBM Cloud marketplace.

OnApp and IBM have partnered to bring the OnApp cloud platform to service providers which enables them to stand up cloud services hosted on IBM’s SoftLayer infrastructure.

OnApp's platform automates orchestration, server management, provisioning, scaling, failover and billing, among other functions, all designed for infrastructure services, such as private and public cloud, dedicated servers, content delivery network (CDN), storage and DNS backup. The platform is now configured specifically for SoftLayer.

Another key feature is the OnApp Federation, a global network of clouds with 170 points of presence in 133 cities in 43 countries, through which cloud providers can resell excess infrastructure.

"Our partnership with IBM will make it easier than ever for service providers to launch their own clouds," OnApp CEO Ditlev Bredahl, said. "Soon you’ll be able to get your own pre-configured OnApp cloud deployed on demand in SoftLayer data centers and sell cloud, dedicated servers, CDN and more without worrying about the hardware.

"With instant access to best-in-class infrastructure and the OnApp platform, we’re making it easy for service providers to launch new clouds and expand their footprint with new locations."

Earlier this week, IBM launched its Cloud Marketplace with more than 100 SaaS applications, providing a single online destination for cloud services and giving service providers access to its own customer base.

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