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DataStax Enterprise 4.0 Gives in-Memory Option to Cassandra

DataStax Enterprise 4.0 Gives in-Memory Option to Cassandra

DataStax, the company that delivers Apache Cassandra to the enterprise, announced version 4.0 of its always-on database platform, with a powerful new in-memory option.

DataStax, which focuses on enterprise implementations of Apache Cassandra, has announced version 4.0 of its database platform, adding a powerful new in-memory option. DataStax Enterprise 4.0 also features enterprise search enhancements.

“In order to scale and remain successful, organizations need the lightning performance that an in-memory database can offer,” said Robin Schumacher, vice president, products, DataStax. “DataStax Enterprise 4.0 is the first NoSQL database to combine an in-memory option with Cassandra’s always-on architecture, linear scalability and multi-datacenter support giving businesses what they need to build and scale online applications with zero downtime.”

Objects created in-memory optimize performance and deliver increased speed for read operations. DataStax Enterprise 4.0 includes Cassandra 2.0 integration, which adds new features such as lightweight transactions and CQL enhancements that make it easier to migrate from RDBMS. It also has the latest version of DataStax’s visual monitoring and management solution, OpsCenter 4.1 has capacity planning and custom graphing enhancements.

DataStax says new search features in 4.0  help developers build applications quicker while enhanced internal cluster communications deliver faster search operations, even for thousands of concurrent requests. For developers, in-memory objects act as typical Cassandra tables, so they are completely transparent to applications and developers and have no learning curve. Administrators can decide whether to assign data to in-memory objects, spinning disks or SSDs all in the same database cluster, making performance optimization easier than ever.

“We protect our customers from being exploited online by compiling, comparing and analyzing data to conduct security operations and mitigate threats,” said Jason Atlas, vice president, engineering and technology, IID. “Database performance is critical in high-velocity environments like ours, and DataStax Enterprise’s new in-memory option will provide a valuable speed boost for our deployment.”

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