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SGI Expands Big Data Portfolio

SGI Expands Big Data Portfolio

Expanding its portfolio of big data solutions, SGI introduced InfiniteData Cluster, SGI ObjectStore and SGI LiveArc AE for Infinite Storage Gateway. SGI seeks to apply its expertise in big data storage to deliver solutions increasingly needed in today’s enterprise.

Expanding its portfolio of big data solutions SGI introduced InfiniteData Cluster, SGI ObjectStore and SGI LiveArc AE for Infinite Storage Gateway.

“As businesses tackle the rising volume, velocity, and variety of big data, they face a growing challenge--how to unlock value at greater speed, scale and efficiency,” said Jorge Titinger, president and CEO of SGI. “SGI’s expertise in designing and building some of the world’s fastest supercomputers enables customers to fully optimize High Performance Computing for big data analytics to achieve business breakthroughs. As a Top 10 storage provider, and with many years experience helping customers manage some of the world’s largest data environments cost efficiently, we are applying our expertise in big data storage to deliver solutions increasingly needed in today’s enterprise.”

InfiniteData Cluster

With Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors and up to 12 4TB drives per tray, the InfiniteData cluster delivers a 1:1 core to storage spindle ratio to optimize Apache Hadoop software. With high speed interconnects it provides for up to 40 nodes and 1.9 petabytes per rack--more than twice the compute and storage density per footprint of other HPC solutions for big data analytics. Out of the box InfiniteData solutions are pre-integrated with Cloudera Hadoop running on Red Hat Linux and SGI Management Center. SGI is also making an InfiniteData Cluster available online, pre-configured with RedHat Enterprise Linux and Cloudera Hadoop, for customers to upload their own data and explore big data analytics. SGI’s Hadoop Sandbox is targeted for availability at year.


New SGI ObjectStore integrates SGI’s OEM of Scality RING software with its Modular InfiniteStorage Server hardware. ObjectStore provides a proven, object-based, “scale-out” storage solution for petabyte environments. The unique RING peer-to-peer architecture allows SGI’s storage environment to overcome the strain massive data volumes place on conventional storage file systems. The ObjectStore system architecture delivers a shared storage pool supporting thousands to millions of users, with limitless file size and quantity, and performance rivaling block-based storage. Nodes can be added at any time to increase capacity – without interrupting users or performance levels.

LiveArc AE

SGI is introducing SGI LiveArc AE, a special “appliance edition” of SGI LiveArc software to be embedded in the Gateway before year end. Delivering intelligent management for active archives, LiveArc AE provides fast search, facilitates compliance, and helps achieve disaster recovery. LiveArc will automatically index metadata and file content for infrequently accessed data, enabling users to quickly search across the archive using free-text queries to locate needed files. Version history can be captured with audit trails. Write Once Read Many (WORM) functionality can be implemented such as restricting file deletion or changes. Data retention periods can be set. And remote replication of archived data can be automated based on policies, with inline encryption for security and file level de-duplication to reduce storage consumption.

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