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5 Insights Into the Data Center Industry

This week's Industry Perspectives offered key takes on several aspects of the data center industry, including a closer look at the benefits of cloud computing, scalability and app management in cloud environments, takeaways on DCIM from Gartner analysts, and reflections on tape data storage and its changing role.

This week's Industry Perspectives represented an intersection of top-of-mind topics for data center professionals and executives. If you missed any, here they are in a neat package. Enjoy!

Are You Up in the Air with Cloud Computing Benefits? - It's going to take some time for the entire IT world to get on board with cloud computing, but the benefits are well worth it. A mix of private and public cloud services is a great compromise for companies who are worried about security issues, writes Alan McMahon of Dell.

Pairing for Scalability: In-Memory Data Grids and the Cloud - By dramatically simplifying and enhancing the deployment of scalable applications within cloud infrastructures, in-memory data grids play a key role in delivering on the promise of cloud computing, writes William Bain of ScaleOut Software.

Data Tape: Dying a Slow Death or Already Dead? - Data tape is not dead; however, its purpose has changed. In the past, linear storage media was used as the first line of defense to restore lost data. Yet today, there are few backup administrators using this technique, writes Jeff Yaptengco of En Pointe Technologies.

Managing What Matters In the Cloud: The Apps - It's critical to carefully manage and automate the application layer – and while various kinds of solutions are available to help, not all are targeting the same layer on the classic application stack, explains Paul Speciale of Appcara.

Five Key Trends in DCIM - Gartner's IT Infrastructure & Operations Summit in Orlando was a great show, writes Matt Bushell of Nlyte. From a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) standpoint, there were a lot of observations that were worth noting, such as Infrastructure and Operations professionals need to show their value to the rest of the business.

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