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LINX Housing IT Infrastructure in Interxion London

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) expanded its relationship with Interxion, now housing its critical infrastructure as well as offering colo to members out of Interxion's London facility.

Interxion is housing the London Internet Exchange’s IT hosting infrastructure out of its London data center. LINX was already running its network out of Interxion’s London campus, but today’s expansion means the operator will colocate its website, customer portal, back office systems, and critical business and network applications in the same facility. LINX has taken additional colocation space at Interxion London to resell to their members. The move is order for LINX to be able to provide for need of members looking to source colocation and Internet exchange services through one simple contract.

“LINX’s decision to build on its existing relationship with us is testament to the level of service and quality of infrastructure we provide,” said Doug Loewe, UK managing director, Interxion. “LINX is one of the largest exchanges in the world and has always been a key member of our carrier community. We very much look forward to helping them expand within our data center and further contribute to our thriving campus.”

LINX supports over 470 members from over 58 countries worldwide, enabling them to exchange Internet traffic reliably and with improved performance. Through LINX, the members are able to reach 80 percent of the total global Internet, making it one of the most connected Internet Exchange Points in the world. High quality data centers are critical to LINX’s ongoing reliability, as they house the equipment LINX uses to operate its network and upon which its members depend.

Derek Cobb, chief technical officer, LINX commented: “As a member-owned world leading exchange point, we only choose partners who can help us deliver secure, reliable and essential services to the largest networks on the planet. Interxion is a core partner in helping us continue to provide these services to our membership.”

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