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Seven Tips to Help Keep IT Competitive

As the usage and availability of cloud computing increases, often IT departments are offering their own cloud services for their end users. Dick Benton, principal consultant with Glasshouse Technologies, details how enterprise IT managers can battle back in a series of columns that grew from his first post, "Seven Tips to Help Keep IT Competitive."

As cloud computing has grown and matured, IT departments often find themselves squaring off against the ease and simplicity large public cloud providers offer.

Dick Benton, principal consultant with Glasshouse Technologies, wrote a series of columns for Data Center Knowledge that outlined how IT managers and staff can strategically position themselves successfully in the organization through offering services to meet the needs of the users, and, ultimately, the business.

His first column, Seven Tips to Help Keep IT Competitive, outlined ways to battle back against users buying and deploying servers with a few clicks and a credit card. While users like the efficiency, elasticity and customizability they get from public cloud offerings, what it means is that IT must deliver those same benefits, and in a way that not only improves the quality of services rendered, but delivers higher productivity levels and, ultimately, more revenue.

The other columns dove into the details of each tip:

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