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HP Updates Cloud Management Software

HP Updates Cloud Management Software

HP (HPQ) has released the next generation of its software for automating the management of data centers and cloud infrastructure, the company said today.

HP (HPQ) has released the next generation of its software for automating the management of data centers and cloud infrastructure, the company said today. HP Operations Orchestration 10 is an integrated portfolio of software and services to help automate  complex distributed systems and heterogeneous environments.

HP Operations Orchestration (OO) 10 has out-of-the-box support for over 5,000 IT operations, including new support for Amazon S3 storage, HP ArcSight, HP Fortify, OpenStack and SAP applications. The HP Server Automation (SA) 10 server lifecycle management platform allows IT to manage more than 100,000 physical and virtual servers, and improves operational economics by reducing the administrator-to-server ratio by up to 60 percent. HP SA 10 is also offered as a virtual appliance for smaller organizations or department-level IT teams to begin managing server environments in less than one hour.

HP Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) improves administrator efficiency by automating administrative tasks associated with database management. It has over 1,000 out-of-the-box best practices to provision, patch, upgrade and release application code into databases and middleware servers such as DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and WebSphere. HP Cloud Service Automation 3.2 is a comprehensive, unified cloud management platform for building, brokering and managing enterprise-grade application and heterogeneous infrastructure cloud services. It simplifies management of heterogeneous environments by leveraging HP OO and HP SA while providing support for Amazon EC2 public cloud services, HP Cloud Services, KVM OpenStack and Microsoft Hyper-V.

"Our IT employees were bogged down being enterprise ‘fire fighters’ instead of proactive business partners," said Andy Smith, vice president, Application Hosting Services, McKesson. "HP cloud and automation software enabled us to improve our IT operations by automating routine, repetitive tasks prone to human error, encouraging our employees to focus on innovative IT services. As a result, we can now deliver both IaaS and PaaS in under an hour, and we reduced IT service outages by 78 percent, the occurrence of critical IT incidents by 65 percent and have been able to deploy 40 percent more IT systems."

HP OO 10, HP SA 10, HP DMA 10 and HP Cloud Service Automation 3.2 will be available individually worldwide directly from HP or through its ecosystem of worldwide channel partners.

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