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PCE Acquires Cooling Specialist Opengate Data Systems

PCE, the parent of Geist, continues to expand its presence in data center management with this week's acquisition of cooling specialist Opengate Data Systems.

Plastic Companies Enterprises (PCE) continues to expand its presence in data center management with its acquisition of Opengate Data Systems. Opengate is Massachusetts company providing data center infrastructure solutions. It develops intelligent, rack and row-based heat containment systems that minimize power consumption while maintaining an optimal temperature for the entire data center.

In a case of “try before you buy,” Geist, a PCE company, had partnered with Opengate Data since 2007 to provide intelligent cooling solutions to the data center market. Opengate contracted Geist to develop and integrate web-based communication functions into a variety of Opengate solutions. The companies formed an alliance in 2011 in which Geist offered and promoted Opengate’s data center airflow management solutions to its customer base, and made a financial investment in Opengate. So this is a relationship long in the making,

“We’ve seen the need for efficient cooling solutions continue to grow as the world’s demand in computing power increases,” said Sam Featherston, CEO PCE.  “This acquisition puts PCE in a position to capitalize on this demand with Opengate’s innovative cooling technology and solutions.”

Under the umbrella of PCE, Opengate gains on several fronts. ”This acquisition gives Opengate access to additional engineering and manufacturing resources that will allow us to meet the evolving cooling needs of the data center industry,” said Mark Germagian, President and Founder of Opengate.

Focus on 'Smart Containment'

Opengate Data was founded in May 2007 by Germagian, a veteran cooling specialist who previously worked with APC and Wright Line. Opengate helps customers reduce their total cost of ownership by addressing three areas that impact data center profitability: energy consumption, real estate utilization and operational overhead.

Opengate has focused on cabinet-level containment systems that effectively eliminate the hot aisle by removing waste heat from servers through a chimney system that brings the air directly into an overhead plenum (air chamber) that returns the hot air to the air handlers or CRACs (computer room air conditioners).

Plastic Companies Enterprises, Inc. (PCE) has been in business for more than 18 years. The company is made up of two distinct groups—Data Center Solutions and Plastics Solutions. The Data Center Solutions Group includes Geist Manufacturing, Geist Intelligent Facilities, IT Watchdogs and now Opengate Data Systems. In 2010, the company acquired 50 percent of Data and Power Solutions (DPS) in the UK.  DPS is a manufacturer of data center power distribution and environmental monitoring solutions for Europe and other global markets.

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