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Making the Case for DDoS Protection

Security in the enterprise IT world is one of the most important topics which need constant review and education. Managers and executives oftentimes misunderstand many security protocols and insist that security teams focus on other, more revenue generating, measures. Today’s modern IT environment is more susceptible to threat than ever before. More organizations rely on their IT infrastructure as a core business tool. This means that any organization, large or small, can be a potential target.

In Making the Case for DDoS Protection, a white paper developed by Arbor Networks and Gartner, managers and administrators are able to gain a better understanding of the threat landscape and where a potential attack may come from. This paper covers numerous important security topics including:

  • An analysis of complex security breaches
  • Political “hactivism”
  • Application-layer attacks
  • The business impact of a DDoS attack

The downtime and monetary repercussions of a DDOS attack should help push any organization to begin to truly see and understand this type of security risk. Making the Case for DDOS Protection outlines the 5 necessary steps for incorporating the DDoS threat risk into your IT security budget. This includes:

  • Understanding the probability of attack
  • Quantifying the cost of service outages
  • Understanding risk management and business impact
  • Comparing industry averages

Download Making the Case for DDoS Protection to learn how to control this type of threat risk and how to communicate IT risk to non-IT stakeholders.

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