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CDN News: Dell, EdgeCast, Level 3, Limelight

News from the content delivery sector: Dell partners with EdgeCast for Dell Deliver, Level 3 (LVLT) selected for ITU World Triathlon series, Limelight Networks (LLNW) launches Limelight Reach Live.

Here’s a roundup of some of some of this week’s headlines from the content delivery network (CDN) industry:

Dell partners with EdgeCast for Dell Deliver.  Dell announced Dell Deliver, its first-ever Content Delivery Platform (CDP) that allows network providers to sell Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to the enterprise as well as manage the on-demand delivery of any video to any screen quickly, efficiently and at low cost. Built with Dell 12th generation servers Dell Deliver uses software from EdgeCast Networks and video processing software from Elemental Technologies. The new platform allows network operators to launch their own CDN quickly and affordably, and allows them to concurrently offer a valuable new service to their enterprise customers and support their own video delivery initiatives. “Managing and maintaining a healthy IT infrastructure is getting more and more complicated for network operators as their infrastructures are not designed to support today’s growing demand for IP-based, bandwidth-hogging content,” said Laurie Hutto-Hill, general manager of Dell’s Global Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment organization. “Until now, few content delivery models have been optimized for rich media, and it is hard to find existing technologies equipped to analyze and deliver content efficiently based on the requirements of a multitude of end-user devices. Dell Deliver offers flexible and scalable technology with significant cost advantages, allowing network providers to establish a healthy CDN that can support today’s ever-changing data landscape.”

Level 3 selected for ITU World Triathlon series.  Level 3 Communications (LVLT) announced that it has been selected as the exclusive broadcast services and CDN provider for the ITU World Triathlon Series. ITU (International Triathlon Union) is the world governing body for triathlon. Level 3 will employ its suite of Internet Broadcast Elements (IBE) to enable the company to broadcast and live stream each race of the ITU World Triathlon Series. In addition, Level 3's IBE technology will host a Web-based video on demand service, where viewers can watch replays of all of the races – including races from past years. "Last year, the ITU World Triathlon Series was broadcast in more than 160 countries. With that kind of growing popularity, it's important that we can scale to meet our fans' viewing and streaming demands," said Marisol Casado, ITU President. "Level 3 makes it easy and seamless for us because it is the only company that offers a one-stop shop for reliable video broadcast and streaming services – all critical factors in helping us connect with our fans and grow the sport on a global level." Level 3 also announced it has completed significant upgrades to its Vyvx infrastructure, implementing its VenueNet+ service across the country. VenueNet+ is a set of integrated services that gives venue-based broadcasters a complete, high-quality broadcast solution.

Limelight launches Limelight Reach Live.  Limelight Networks (LLNW) introduced Limelight Reach Live,  a new service that streams live video to a wide array of mobile devices, including tablets, using just a single media feed. The service  combines video transcoding and streaming technologies in real-time to ensure optimal viewing experiences to audiences anywhere, and on whatever device they are using. "According to a 2011 In-Stat survey, nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners have watched video on their devices, while nearly 86% of tablet owners have done so," said Edgardo Nazario, VP and GM, Limelight Video Platform, Limelight Networks.  "As more consumers watch mobile video from a growing number of devices, Reach Live helps publishers face the challenge of tailoring high quality video to different mobile platforms in real-time. Customers simply input a single live source stream, and Reach Live delivers a viewer experience that is customized to the size of the viewer's screen and available bandwidth. Publishers no longer have to worry about meeting the specific requirements of each new device on the market — Reach Live's automatic device detection and database do all of the work."

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