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Friday Funny: Vote for the Best Caption Contest

It's the end of the week and it's time for voting on the best data center cartoon caption. Vote for your favorite!

Last Friday, we were stuffed with turkey and bleary-eyed from watching football, so we didn't publish our Friday Funny Caption Contest. So today, let's pick up where we left off.

Thanks for all the submissions! Our readers are very clever. Today we open voting on captions that fit the cartoon below, brought to us by Diane Alber, our resident data center cartoonist. For more of Diane’s work, visit

cartoon-hot-serversClick to enlarge.

Please take a moment and vote below!

Our winner for the Nov. 11 caption contest was Scott S, and his email bounced. Scott, if you would like your print, please send us a note with your snail mail address. Scott had sent in: "What do you think the acronym “LIQUID” means? We better get some coffee and think about this."

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