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Cologix Launches, Offers Colo in Four Markets

Cologix today announced its entry into the market for carrier-neutral colocation and interconnections. The company has acquired four providers, and has data centers in Dallas, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

We first heard of Cologix last December, when the company spent $12.75 million to acquire Navisite's data center lease at the Infomart, along with the customers using that facility.  Denver-based Cologix has kept a low profile ever since - until today, when the company made its official launch announcement.

Cologix will focus on carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection, a sector in which companies like Equinix, Telx and Telehouse have seen solid growth. Cologix has made four acquisitions in eight months, putting together a footprint of nine facilities and 400 customers in the United States and Canada. The company is backed by investors including Columbia Capital, Greenspring Associates and vR Equity Partners.

"Network neutral interconnection and related colocation is extremely important and valuable infrastructure in the communications value chain," said Grant van Rooyen, President and CEO of Cologix. "Carriers are increasingly using Meet-Me-Rooms in network-dense locations as their primary on-ramps to meet demand, and network customers recognize the flexibility and cost-saving benefits from broad network provider choice."

Three Deals in Canada

In addition to the NaviSite facility in Dallas, Cologix has acquired Canix Colo located in Montreal, Telehouse Centre Canada with facilities in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada and Standard Connections in Toronto. In each case, the existing staff has continued with Cologix.

"Our acquisitions have each brought long-standing customer relationships, great business partners and valuable interconnection positions in highly strategic markets," said Todd Coleman, COO, Cologix. "Our platform is now a critical part of our customers' network infrastructure and we will continue to demonstrate our high service standard and local customer support."

Cologix said it has already invested in additional power infrastructure and leased an additional 10,000 square feet in the Infomart, which will be available for customers in 2012.

Cologix is the leading network neutral provider, where it operates six locations, including the primary carrier hotel in the city. Cologix enables connectivity to over 70 networks, through its Meet-Me-Room, and offers direct connectivity to the Montreal International Internet Exchange (MIIX).

In Toronto, Cologix supports over 150 customers in 151 Front Street, where Cologix is one of the largest providers of connectivity, colocation space and power. Cologix customers have access to interconnect to over 125 networks as well as a direct on-ramp to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX).

Cologix recently completed an expansion in Vancouver, more than doubling its footprint in the Harbour Centre building at 555 West Hastings Street.

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