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Terremark Opens NAP of Amsterdam

<img src="/sites/" alt="" width="470" height="338" /> Terremark ( a Verizon Company) has announced the opening of the Network Access Point (NAP) of Amsterdam, the flagship. The NAP of Amsterdam joins Terremark’s network of more than 10 data centers across Europe.


An aerial view of the new Terremark NAP of Amsterdam, the company's latest network access point.


Amsterdam is one of Europe's key Internet intersections, with hundreds of companies connecting their networks in the city's data centers. Today there's one more interconnection site, as Terremark ( a Verizon Company) announced the opening of the Network Access Point (NAP) of Amsterdam. The NAP of Amsterdam will serve as the flagship facility for Terremark’s network of more than 10 data centers across Europe.

The new facility provides 25,000 square feet of data center space inside the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Area, which will help Terremark meet demand from European customers seeking advanced cloud computing and IT infrastructure services. The NAP of Amsterdam is directly connected to AMS-IX, one of the world’s largest Internet exchanges with more than 350 members. Through the presence of AMS-IX, Terremark’s enterprise and government customers can leverage the hundreds of global networks while reducing latency and controlling transit costs.

"Important Milestone" for Verizon

"The opening of the NAP of Amsterdam represents an important milestone in Verizon’s continued strategic investment in expanding Terremark’s global data center footprint," said Kerry Bailey, president of Terremark. "The expanded portfolio of facilities and services that we are bringing to market enables our customers throughout Europe to tap into a highly differentiated set of enterprise-class services that meet our high requirements for security, performance and reliability in the industry."

The NAP of Amsterdam expands the company’s presence in Europe, adding to key sites in Spain, the United Kingdom and Turkey. "Amsterdam is an established central business hub for more than 500 international companies, and we are uniquely positioned to tap this market," said Herman Oggel, president of Terremark’s European business unit. "The NAP of Amsterdam will enhance our ability to provide the secure and highly sophisticated solutions customers have come to expect from us."

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