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Video: A Closer Look at CloudSwitch

How will the acquisition of CloudSwitch boost Verizon's cloud capabilities? In this video, co-founder Ellen Rubin provides an overview of CloudSwitch's technology and how it can help enterprises manage clouds across in-house data centers and public cloud platforms.

CloudSwitch is a three-year old Massachusetts technology company that was acquired by Verizon today. How will CloudSwitch boost Verizon's cloud capabilities? CloudSwitch offers is a downloadable software appliance that installs easily into VMware and Xen environments and enables customers to move Windows and Linux virtual machines to the Amazon EC2 and Terremark clouds, and run their applications in the cloud using existing management and monitoring tools. At the Structure 2010 conference we spoke with Ellen Rubin, the co-founder of CloudSwitch, who discussed the cloud computing by enterprise customers.

Rubin also authored several Industry Perspectives columns for Data Center Knowledge: Cloud Computing a Catalyst for Virtualization and Pharmas Lead in Enterprise Cloud Adoption.

Check out our Cloud Computing Channel for other perspectives on these topics. For additional video, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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