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Roundup: Colo4, Equinix, Interxion

Colo4 turns up 4 megawatts of additional power in Dallas, Equinix selected by Globe Telecom, Interxion Belgium aims for 100 percent green energy.

Here’s a roundup of some of this week’s headlines from the data center and hosting industry:

Colo4 turns up 4 MW of power. Dallas-based Colo4 announced that it has gone live with four megawatts of facility power.  This addition brings their total power capacity to 11.1 megawatts, offered through redundant 2N power through four autonomous power plants. "Redundant power designed for high density applications has been one of the centerpieces of our data center, and with continued customer demand we were ready to go live with four megawatts," said Paul Estes, president and CEO of Colo4.  It gives our existing customers the confidence that ample power will always be available as their needs grow." Colo4 executives also recently published a white paper on the topic of redundant power titled The Truth Behind Redundant Data Center Power.

Equinix selected by Globe Telecom. Equinix (EQIX) announced that Globe Telecom has expanded its network points-of-presence to Equinix’s Tokyo-2 (TY2) data center to improve network performance and enhance customer experience. "The TY2 data center is a strategic place to locate our network node to readily extend our footprint and enable wide network choices for performance optimization," said Jesus C. Romero, enterprise segments head of Globe Telecom’s Globe Business unit. "Equinix’s growing base of international and local customers from data-centric industries also creates compounded market exposure for us." Globe Telecom is the first Philippines-based carrier to be deployed in Equinix's Tokyo facilities.

Interxion Belgium aims for 100% Green Energy. Interxion (INXN) announced that its Belgian data center has taken the strategic decision to be supplied 100 percent by green energy. In partnership with its energy supplier, Interxion is sourcing all energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. “Interxion recognises that as a pan-European provider of power-intensive data centre services, it has a duty to provide leadership and model practice in maximising energy efficiency and sustainability," said Frederik Dewulf, Managing Director Interxion Belgium. "This move to 100% green energy further reflects our commitment and reassures our customers that we always endeavour to provide the most energy-efficient environment, whether that be through the power we offer or the overall design of our sites."

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