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Intel IT's Data Center Strategy

Intel, a global leader in developing and manufacturing processor technology, has 94 data centers and 100,000. Its executives describe their current data center strategy.

Intel, a global leader in developing and manufacturing processor technology. For its chip designers to continue to innovate and the business to operate globally, the company needs to leverage a lot of compute power, supplied by its 100,000 servers running in 97 data centers throughout the world. On this video, Intel Data Center Architect Brad Ellison, Intel Global Data Center Planning Manager Erika Edgerly and other Intel staff describe the company's data center strategy. The company aims to reduce its capital investment (looking to save an estimated $1 billion by 2014), while still supporting its chip designers, manufacturing process, and the organization as a whole. The team has achieved efficiencies through server refresh, virtualization and storage optimization strategies. This video runs 6 minutes, 30 seconds.

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