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Gartner Event: Focus on Virtualization, Cloud

Set for Dec. 6-9, Gartner's Data Center Conference will include tracks on virtualization, cloud computing, in addition to other issues in the industry. Also, we've gathered all DCK coverage of recent conferences together, in case you missed any of the action!

The upcoming Gartner Data Center Conference features multiple tracks on a variety of significant topics for the industry, including virtualization and cloud computing. The event is set for December 6-9 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. In addition to industry leaders, Gartner analysts will be on hand to share their research and knowledge of the sector.

Keynote addresses will be given by: Mazen Rawashdeh, Vice president of Technology Operations, eBay; David J. Cappuccio, Gartner Research VP; Philip Dawson, Gartner Research VP and Raymond Paquet, Gartner Managing VP; Tom Bittman, Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst; and Dave Barry, Humorist and Author.

Attendees can participate in sessions in these tracks:

  • Virtualization: You've Put the Foundation in Place, Now Raise the Roof!
  • Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Infrastructure and Operations
  • Achieving Excellence in IT Operations
  • Modernizing The 21st Century Data Center: Getting Agile or Getting Run Over
  • Servers and Operating Systems: Tectonic Shifts Underway
  • Making Better Storage Decisions When Demand is Unbounded
  • Building and Maintaining a World Class Business Continuity Management Program

Keep Up With All The Conference News

Conferences and events can be very useful in keeping up with the changing environment. If you missed any of the recent conferences, we've pulled together Data Center Knowledge's coverage of some of the top events - Data Center Conference Coverage for 2010.

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