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The Amazing Technicolor Data Center

Can a data center double as artwork? Check out this wild new data center where the racks come in shades of bright blue, green, orange and red and are illustrated with artwork.

A look inisde the IDC Indonesia and its brightly colored, illustrated cabinets.

It seems black is always in fashion in the data center, where it is the prevailing color on racks and cabinets. Some companies, like HP and Cisco, have begun using white racks to improve energy efficiency. But we've yet to see a data center like the new facility built by IDC Indonesia in Jakarta, which features brightly colored cabinets throughout. The data center is divided into four areas that each represent a season, with a different color scheme for each season. The cabinets are then illustrated with imaginative paintings that illustrate a facet of the associated season. This imaginative approach was dreamed up by Johar Alam, founder of the IDC Indonesia, who describes the concept in a video interview with Michael Walsh (embedded below) that also includes a brief tour of the data center.

For more coverage of information about design, check out our Data Center Design Channel. For additional video, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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