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Building Mission Critical Data Centers

A new white paper from 3COM discusses how to streamline the design of your data centers to ensure resiliency, performance and agility required for today’s mission critical data centers.

As enterprises develop business strategies for 2010 and beyond, they require mission critical data center designs which can quickly and cost-effectively adapt to evolving needs. Should an innovative idea show promise, an interesting new business opportunity warrant attention or a competitive threat require a shift in strategy, they must have the ability to seamlessly position resources - servers, applications, storage and services—across enterprise data centers swiftly, without any disruption of services.

This report from 3COM discusses how to streamline the design of your data centers to ensure the superior resiliency, performance and agility of today’s mission critical data centers.

Unfortunately, many companies cannot respond quickly to new threats or opportunities with their current data center network architectures. The traditional three-tier model of access, aggregation and core switching has turned into an operational nightmare. It is also also highly inefficient, which means they suffer from availability and performance issues while carrying high price tags for purchase, power and maintenance.

However, an IRF (Intelligent Resilient Framework) based network can extend the control plane across multiple active switches, increasing resiliency and reducing complexity. Learn how a resilient virtual switching fabric design can help you ensure a future-proof data center network that effectively supports business needs while lowering costs. Click here to download this white paper.

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