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Sentinel Plans Large NJ Data Center

Sentinel Data Centers and Russo Development have begun construction on a large multi-tenant data center facility in Somerset, New Jersey, the companies announced today.

Sentinel Data Centers and Russo Development have begun construction on a large multi-tenant data center facility in Somerset, New Jersey, the companies announced today. The companies have acquired a 22.5 acre site with an existing 230,000 square foot single-story structure, expandable to 330,000 square feet.

The project brings together two experienced players in the data center market. Sentinel operated three data centers in Massachusetts and Connecticut, which the company just sold to Digital Realty Trust. Russo has specialized in construction of single-tenant data center buildings for financial companies in North Jersey. 

Pursuing Wholesale Model
The new data center in Somerset will offer up to 160,000 square feet of wholesale data center space to enterprise customers. Sentinel has started construction on a dedicated on-site 69kV power substation, which will be supported by diverse paths from two transmission-grade utility switching stations, providing more than 40 megawatts of power to the facility.


“We have incorporated best practices from our eight-year delivery history and recent advancements in data center design into a state-of-the-art facility that we are extremely excited about,” said Josh Rabina, co-president of Sentinel Data Centers. “We have worked hard to optimize a product for the large-footprint user that is as robust and energy efficient as current technology enables and also provides ultimate flexibility for users to add capacity on demand without incurring up-front over-sizing costs due to forecast

Russo Development will be a "substantial ownership partner" in Sentinel’s New Jersey project, and will handle site preparation work for the data center.

“We are thrilled to have Russo as a partner in our New Jersey facility,” said Todd Aaron, co-president of Sentinel Data Centers. “Russo is a like-minded organization with a tremendous track record of delivering quality product in New Jersey and we believe its site and shell development skill sets are a perfect complement to our turn-key fit-out and operational capabilities.”

Sees Financial, Pharma Demand
Sentinel's experience in the data center sector will help it identify tenants for the new facility, Rabina said, most likely from the financial and pharmaceutical sector. "We have a lot of relationships in the financial sector, and pharma's beena  great market for us," he said.

Rabina sees the ideal customer for the Sentinel project as an enterprise client that has a need for short-term space and long-term expansion. "We think there's a model for companies who are at wholesale scale but need to buy additional capacity on demand," said Rabina. "I think New Jersey's a strong market for this model."

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