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No Harmony in Harmonics

Harmonic currents can cause distortion in your electrical system. This white paper examines common causes of problematic harmonics, along with implications and resolutions for data center operators.

Harmonic currents generated by non-linear electronic loads increase power system heat losses and power bills for data center operators. These harmonic-related losses reduce system efficiency, cause apparatus overheating, and increase power and air conditioning costs. As the number of harmonics-producing loads has increased in the date center, it has become increasingly necessary to address their influence when making any additions or changes to an IT installation.

This Harmonics white paper from Eaton looks at:

  • The trouble with harmonics in modern power systems
  • Solutions to compensate for and reduce harmonics

Harmonic currents can have a significant impact on electrical distribution systems and the facilities they feed. It is important to consider their impact when planning additions or changes to a system. In addition, identifying the size and location of non-linear loads should be an important part of any maintenance, troubleshooting and repair program.
You can download this white paper on common causes, implications and resolutions for problematic harmonic distortion in your electrical system.

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