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Larry Ellison Rants About Cloud Computing

In this video, Oracle (ORCL) CEO Larry Ellison lets loose with a rant about his objections to cloud computing during a Sept. 21 appearance at the Churchill Club.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has bashed cloud computing hype before. So it was unsurprising but nonetheless entertaining when, during an appearance at the Churchill Club on Sept. 21, Ellison unloaded on cloud computing in response to an audience question relayed by moderator Ed Zander. "It's this nonsense. What are you talking about?" Ellison nearly shouted. "It's not water vapor!. All it is, is a computer attached to a network." Ellison blamed venture capitalist "nitwits on Sand Hill Road" for hype and abuse of cloud terminology. "You just change a term, and think you've invented technology." This video from TechPulse360, which runs about 5 minutes, captures the full effect of Ellison's comments.

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