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All Quiet at Google's Oklahoma Data Center

There's no construction activity at the delayed Google data center site in Pryor, Oklahoma, the most visible sign of the company's decision to scale back its capital spending on infrastructure.


Part of the equipment yard for the Google data center under construction in Pryor, Oklahoma.

Amazon isn't the only cloud builder that has idled a data center project, as the recession has led Google to scale back its capital investments in data center infrastructure. The most visible sign of this is the postponement of the company's planned  data center project in Pryor, Oklahoma. The $600 million facility was scheduled to be completed in early 2009, but last fall the company said it would be delayed and may come online sometime in 2010.

A reader recently drove by the Google site at the Mid-American Industrial Park in Pryor and took some photos of the site. There's no construction activity at present, and the site appears unchanged from the date of the stoppage. At that time, Google had already done some work on the existing structure that will serve as the first data center at the location, where Google owns 800 acres of land for future expansion.

The company isn't discussing timetables for the completion for the facility. "We don't have any further updates about our Pryor, Oklahoma location," a spokesperson said this month.

Google announced the Oklahoma data center project in May 2007. The facility will eventually employ 100 workers with an average salary of $48,000. The Pryor project was the third of four data center construction projects Google announced in the first half of 2007.

Here are some additional views of the Oklahoma site from this summer:



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