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Roundup: Corning, Tripp Lite, Emerson

A roundup of data center industry news from Corning (GLW), Tripp Lite and Emerson Network Power (EMR).

Here's a roundup of data center industry news from this week:

  • Corning Incorporated (GLW) announced a new "bend-insensitive" optical fiber data center solution. Corning's Clearcurve features a reduced cable diameter that the company says will allow trunk cables and jumpers to be quickly routed through tight spaces with no impact on system performance.
  • Tripp Lite has introduced a new wall-mount rack enclosure. The new SmartRack Enclosure enables rackmounting in remote locations or any facility not requiring full-sized rack enclosures. The SRW12US enclosure provides 12U of rack space, and includes an optional caster kit which allows it to become a mobile floor-unit.
  • Emerson Network Power (EMR) has expanded its Liebert XD family of high-density cooling solutions with XD Smart Modules, which add cooling modules with integrated control boards which would enable higher efficiency performance.
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