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Cloudy Day: CloudSwitch, AWS Torrents, eDOS

Cloud roundup: Stealthy startup CloudSwitch raises $7.4 million, plus an AWS torrent proof of concept and a discussion of an unusual cloud security challenge.

It's been a busy day for news and commentary about cloud computing. Here's a roundup:

  • Stealthy startup CloudSwitch has raised $7.4 million in a Series A round from Matrix Partners and Atlas Ventures.  The Bedford, Mass. company says only that it is developing "software that will help enterprises dramatically reduce costs."
  • A security researcher has shown how Amazon's EC2 computing-on-demand service could be used to run TorrentFlux, and open source torrent host. "I can access it from anywhere, uploading Torrent files from wherever, and manage them from my iPhone,"  developer Brett O'Connor tells ComputerWorld.
  • Also on the security front, Christofer Hoff and Reuven Cohen discuss an "economic denial of sustainability" (EDoS), their term for an attack in which a botnet consumes a cloud provider's resources in a controlled fashion, masquerading as legitimate usage while breaking the economic model. I'm not sure what would motivate an attacker to use this approach, but the defensive challenge is recognizing problematic usage patterns.  
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