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Renesys: Level 3 Now Largest IP Network

Strong growth in November and December has made Level 3 Communications (LVLT) the largest network provider, according to Internet routing specialist Renesys.

What company has the world's largest network? Strong growth in November and December has lifted Level 3 Communications (LVLT) past Sprint and into the top spot, according to Internet routing specialist Renesys, which has published data on the 13 largest network providers. Regional growth trends loom large in the shifts seen in the network ecosystem in 2008, according to the Renesys analysis.

"It's pretty clear from this narrative that the providers who are moving up in the rankings are doing so thanks in large measure to Asia," writes Earl Zmijewski of Renesys. "This should come as no surprise. With more than half the world's population and only 15% of them online, it's pretty clear there is enormous potential here." See the Renesys blog for the full story.

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