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Roundup: Level 3, Internap, HavenCo, The Planet

A roundup of data center news about Level 3 (LVLT), Internap Network Services (INAP), HavenCo and The Planet.

Here's a roundup of some data center news announcements from today:

  • The Moody's Investor Service has downgraded its rating on Level 3 Communications (LVLT) after the company announced plans to raise $400 million in new debt to  refinance existing convertible debt. The credit ratings agency lowered Level 3's probability of default rating by three notches to "Ca" from "Caa1" and also placed the company's debt ratings on review for a possible downgrade.
  • Internap suffered power problems at its New York data center Sunday, leaving some customers offline for about two hours. The company informed customers that the downtime was related to a utility power outage that caused "a loss of connectivity to some equipment."
  • HavenCo, the offshore "data haven" housed on a former World War II anti-aircraft military fortress in the North Sea, has apparently gone offline. The company started in 2000, offering hosting services from SeaLand, which declared itself a "sovereign principality." The company was briefly famous when it was featured on the cover of Wired magazine in 2001. See Slashdot for more discussion.
  • The Planet said today that it has opened a 12,000 square feet of expansion space in its Dallas D6 data center. The Houston-based provider now has a data center footprint of 167,000 square feet.
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