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Facebook Hosts 10 Billion Photos

Facebook now hosts 10 billion photos, and is adding 2 terabytes a day of photo storage. That will mean more servers and more data center space.

I'm a sucker for huge numbers, and Facebook's engineering team has shared a pretty interesting data point: Facebook users have now uploaded more than 10 billion photos. More than 300,000 images are served every second.

Facebook's 10 billion images easily outdistances the largest photo-sharing sites. Photobucket hosts about 6.2 billion photos, while Flickr has 2 billion, according to CNet

So Facebook users upload a ton of photos. What's the significance? Those photos have to live somewhere. Facebook now has more than 1 petabyte of photo storage, and at least 2 terabytes of photos are uploaded every day. That will drive demand for more servers and more data center space.

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