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Cloudera: Bringing Hadoop to the Masses

A group of Facebook and Google alums have formed Cloudera to will help other companies adopt Hadoop, the open source platform for processing large data.

VentureBeat reports the launch of Cloudera, which will help other companies adopt Hadoop, an open source platform for large-scale computing that integrates elements of Google’s infrastructure management software. Cloudera's founders include Christophe Bisciglia, who previously ran Google's Academic Cloud Computing Initiative at the University of Washington, and Jeff Hammerbacher, who was a major player in the development of Facebook's platform.

"Cloudera can help you install, configure and run Hadoop for large-scale data processing and analysis," the company says. "We support Hadoop, whether you run it on servers in your own data center or use Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud." Despite the Amazon reference, is hosted at Google and Cloudera's temporary corporate site resides on Google AppEngine.

Amr Awadallah shares additional details and team members.

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