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Update: the BBC, Akamai and Level 3

The BBC has added Level 3 (LVLT) as a CDN provider for its iPlayer, but will continue to use Akamai (AKAM) for CDN services as well.

Yesterday we linked to a post from ThinkBroadband which reported that the BBC had switched the primary CDN provider for its iPlayer from Akamai to Level 3. Dan Rayburn updates and corrects the story, noting that the BBC continues to work with Akamai (AKAM) and has added Level 3 as a second CDN partner.

For more information, see the BBC's post providing an explanation of its rationale for the change in its iPlayer delivery scheme, emphasizing the importance of H.264 video compression in its decision.

Is it a good reflection on Akamai that the BBC has added Level 3 for the H.264 business? No, but for Akamai it's a far sight better than losing the entire iPlayer business, and we wanted to make sure we corrected that impression.

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