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Greenwashing the Data Center

Has green data center marketing gone overboard. One columnist thinks so.

Energy efficiency has been a primary concern of data center operators and vendors for some time. There are compelling reasons for this focus. As high-density computing gains traction, enterprise data center operators are struggling with rapidly escalating costs to power and cool their facilities. Energy efficient data centers are good for business.

But in recent months the news pitches on "green data centers" have increasingly focused on corporate responsibility rather than cost savings. This trend has accelerated noticeably since IBM launched its Big Green initiative in May. The subsequent avalanche of environmental data center marketing has included some impressive new initiatives, and others that have sought to slap a green label on existing products and services. Matt Stansberry, who heads TechTarget's data center coverage, has had enough:

If one more person pitches me on a Green Data Center story, I will barf in my laptop. Unless your server literally sucks carbon dioxide out of the air and sequesters it below the earth, please don't pitch me on your green angle. ... The environmentalists' worst nightmares are coming true. This whole green wave could be just another fad

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