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Microsoft Preps Green Data Center Strategy

Microsoft is preparing an official green data center strategy.

Microsoft is preparing an official green data center strategy, according to Mary Jo Foley, who points to a May 31 blog entry by Lewis Curtis a strategic infrastructure architect for Microsoft:

For the next couple of months, Working with a MS alum: Dave O'Hara, I'm working towards a Microsoft comprehensive Green Datacenter Strategy. It is wonderful to see so many fellow employees very supportive in this effort. We're scheduled to give an internal presention to internal employees at Techready 5 (internal conf at the end of July). This presentation will focused on having a energy consumption strategy in the datacenter, what the industry is doing, what customers expect from us and ideas for Microsoft for the future.

What's interesting is that if you watch the Channel 9/10 video interviews with Debra Chrapaty and Michael Manos, it's clear that Microsoft's global data center team has been keenly focused on data center power and efficiency issues for several years. Chrapaty said Microsoft had specific initiaitves on energy. "We're doing some great innovations in power that are really going to change the industry," she said. "We're doing a lot within the complete rack architecture - including some augmentation to the operating system that only we can do because we're Microsoft - that's going to optimize that density."