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VeriSign Expands at Terremark NAP

VeriSign will expand its Internet infrastructure at Terremark's NAP of the Americas.

VeriSign, Inc. has signed a multi-year colocation and services contract to expand its Internet infrastructure at Terremark's NAP of the Americas in Miami, the companies said today. VeriSign's expansion at the NAP includes increasing the capacity for its Top Level Domain servers and Certificate Revocation List system (CRL) for SSL certificates. VeriSign manages more than 61 million domains worldwide, and is the largest provider of SSL certificates for e-commerce.

In addition to deploying infrastructure at the NAP, VeriSign has become one of the first customers to select Terremark's 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) peering services, which allows networks to exchange Internet traffic at increased capacity.

"Terremark has consistently provided us with secure and reliable services," said Ken Silva, Chief Security Officer of VeriSign. "Expanding our footprint at the NAP was a decision made easier with Terremark's global reach, 'always on' environment and innovative facilities. As our intelligent infrastructure services grow, we look forward to a continued relationship."

"We are proud that VeriSign has made the choice to expand their footprint at the NAP of the Americas," said Manuel D. Medina, Chairman and CEO of Terremark Worldwide, Inc. "VeriSign has access to networks and peers at the NAP that help it enable and protect billions of interactions worldwide."