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Telx Expands at 60 Hudson Street in NYC

Interconnection specialist tel(x) is expanding into an additional 13,000 square feet of data center space at 60 Hudson Street in New York.

Interconnection specialist tel(x) has expanded into an additional 13,000 square feet of space at 60 Hudson Street, a premier carrier hotel in New York. The additional space is adjacent to the company's exisiting facility on the 9th floor of 60 Hudson, and will be used to create an interconnection center for enterprise customers. By locating equipment at tel(x), corporate customers can quickly establish peering relationships that can reduce costs in their voice and data networks.

tel(x) says the Enterprise Peering Facility is being established to meet increased demand from enterprise customers shifting from legacy telco technologies to Internet Protocol (IP), a shift being driven by adoption of VoIP.

"Bringing the benefits of such a peering facility to the enterprise community will foster the growth of a competitive marketplace for companies who traditionally have had limited power over terms, rates and delivery times with respect to their voice and data requirements," said Hunter Newby, Chief Strategy Officer for tel(x). "At the same time, the creation of this facility provides a venue where wholesale voice and data providers can easily locate, market to and retain well-established, large corporate customers who are clearly the focus in today's competitive marketplace."

Peering allows a network to exchange IP traffic with other networks directly at a lower cost. Locating at tel(x) allows enterprises to gains access to a wide range of options to directly connect to other diverse network providers, or even other enterprises for sharing VoIP, email, video over IP and other data traffic.

KeySpan Communications has been one of the tel(x) community's active carrier members for several years. "We have witnessed and participated first- hand in the staggering growth of the carrier interconnection business within the facility and we are now seeing the entrance of the enterprise networks to this world," said Jason Cohen, Vice President and General Manager of KeySpan Communications.

Among the enterprise customers is D.F. King, a leading full-service proxy solicitation and corporate/financial communications firm located in New York. KeySpan provides data transport services to D.F. King to connect their call center and headquarters as well as providing them with access to the tel(x) facility. "By having a physical presence at tel(x) we can take advantage of new technologies and processes as they come to market, such as peering," said Michael Manspeizer, Director of Telecom for D.F. King. "This would have been impossible utilizing traditional Telco access methods."

tel(x) operates network interconnection facilities at 60 Hudson Street in New York and 56 Marrietta Street in Atlanta, which it also owns. More than 250 networks physically converge within tel(x) 's New York City facility, and more than 150 networks physically converge within its Atlanta facility. Often described as a "marketplace" for network services, tel(x) actively promotes business opportunities between its carrier and enterprise customers.