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Carlyle Bets Big on IPv6

The Carlyle Group has made a major investment in a firm targeting services based on IPv6, which will eventually expand the Internet addressing system.

The Carlyle Group is already a major investor in Internet infrastructure through its CRG West  operating unit, which owns One Wilshire, the premier carrier hotel in Los Angeles, as well as the Market Post Tower in San Jose and 1275 K Street in Washington, D.C.  Today Caryle announced that it is teaming with a D.C. venture capital firm to invest in Command Information, a Virginia company providing services based on Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), the next-generation version of the key technology undergirding the Web.  The $20 million investment by Carlyle and Novak Biddle Venture Partners positions them to benefit once Internet trafic begins shifting to IPv6, which will enable the Internet to expand beyond the current limits of the domain addressing system - estimated at 4.2 billion addresses - to more than 3 trillion. The timing of any transition to IPv6 is a hot potato topic among network operators, but Carlyle is positioning itself  for the shift to occur sooner rather than later.