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Data Centers Managing Rising Power Costs

Rising power costs are a challenge for data center operators, but are unlikely to prompt facility relocations.

Computerworld takes a look at trends in the cost of power, noting that rising energy prices "could be bad news for data centers." Despite that gloomy lead, Patrick Thibodeau's story reveals that data center operators aren't panicking and there's unlikely to be a wave of date center relocations driven by power prices. Chasing power costs is a short-term cost management strategy, and data centers are long-term investments. If you relocate because prices are cheaper in the next county over, what happens if that changes? Do you move again to someplace cheaper?

Several data center operators note that the price of power is usually less critical than the reliability of the local power grid. If you're building a mission-critical facility, you're placing a premium on uptime, and usually willing to pay extra for enhanced reliability -  and the same is usually true of your customers. Having said that, the current environment places a premium on power management strategies. Read the full story for more.