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AWS re:Invent 2022 Selipsky Keynote: What Stood Out to Us Most

Can AWS be the first CSP to pull off high-performance computing in the cloud? They certainly have enterprises talking.

Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent keynote by CEO Adam Selipsky on Tuesday lasted more than 120 minutes. During that time, he packed in several announcements that garnered applause from the 50,000 attendees in Las Vegas.

AWS’ annual confab carves out space for the firm away from the usual tech conference timeframe between August and October when its top competitors Microsoft and Google announce their latest innovations.

The event had the usual dark atmosphere with blue lighting, several large screens as backdrop, and one speaker on stage highlighting how AWS’ technology can transform lives. For data center operators, we saw a few notable additions to the AWS lineup during Selipsky’s keynote. Here’s what we saw:

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