How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Transforming Data Centers

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Can Machine Learning Turn Big Data into No Big Deal?

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You’ve seen the analysts’ predictions that as much as a third of data centers that fail to employ some form of machine learning in their management portfolios, will cease to be competitive by the end of 2020.  But what exactly does that mean — what should data center infrastructure be learning about itself that it doesn’t already know? 

This informative webinar will open your eyes to new ways in which machine learning can be distributed throughout data centers, to improve the way they utilize resources and help prevent issues.  

You’ll hear from Raritan about how they’re designing power products, environmental sensors, and other intelligent infrastructure solutions for more productive monitoring and data gathering for better insights.  You’ll see how power usage can be attributed to individual workloads, and how data center operators can become better informed on power usage, cooling, assets, and data center health.

You’ll also hear about modern AI computing trends in data centers from NVIDIA, a world leader in processors for artificial intelligence.

Finally, you’ll learn how you can put machine learning to work in your data center without having to take a deep dive into science fiction.  Join us live, have your questions ready, and be prepared to have your mind changed about the practical opportunities of machine learning in your data center.

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Scott M Fulton III


Scott M. Fulton III

Scott M. Fulton, III (@SMFulton3) is a 33-year veteran journalist, author, and editor for the world's most respected publishers for news, the information technology industry, and education. You can find his byline on some of the world's most respected technology sites, including the ZDNet Scale blog and on The New Stack.

As a contributor to Data Center Knowledge, Scott provides insightful coverage of news, events, and developments pertaining to the design, implementation, and management of large-scale data centers worldwide.



Paul Mott

Paul Mott is the Global Technical Product Manager and Xerus Technology Platform expert at Raritan, the Data, Power, and Control division of Legrand. He has over ten years of experience in the IT industry and has been with Legrand for over eight years. His products have won many innovation and excellence awards, including the most significant, The Disruptor Award at 2017 CES. When he’s not working his 9-5, Paul enjoys traveling and trying out different craft breweries. He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Mike Sabotta.jpg

Mike Sabotta

Mike Sabotta

Mike Sabotta is a Solutions Architect at NVIDIA, and is a technologist that has architected and delivered server and storage products for some of the largest Cloud and HPC customers. He has expertise in server and storage architectures, fabric interconnects, bus protocols, board design, mechanical models, and datacenter power and thermal interactions. He is a trusted advisor in highly technical long-term key customer engagements. He is able to articulate a vision of collaboration across the solution with engineering, presales, sales, services, IT administration and facilities. Mike focuses on matching datacenter design with server/storage design to optimize TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). He has a proven track record of delivering successful and innovative products.

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